Oracle Project closes on Kickstarter!

Posted by Chris Ovdiyenko on

Originally, I had the idea for Oracle and I expected it to be kind of a smaller project. Wow, was I wrong! Folks backed Oracle in a big way, bringing up a final funding level that came close to Calaveras. My expectations were way off, and I've never been happier to be wrong!

The thing that I was most pleasantly surprised about was how much of a community grew up around the project. I had folks messaging me and leaving comments, offering suggestions, and words of encouragement. You know, it's always a little scary putting something you create out there in the public sphere - you never can tell how it's going to be received. All my personal fears and doubts evaporated when I started seeing how much my work meant to people, and that's absolutely priceless.

My biggest lesson from this project (aside from never running a project for only 30 days), was that life is about so much more than just money. You might think that's easy to say after 2 successful projects, but it's really true. Money comes and goes, but relationships with a community that appreciates your work transcends dollars and cents. The dialogue I had with my backers means more than anything to me, and I realized just how important it is to keep the vision of a project unclouded by short term gain.

For Oracle, I'm giving a lot back to the community, probably more than they might realize—and that's exactly the way the way I think it should be.

Well enough ramblings for one night, hope some of this rings true for you if you're reading it.



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    Doc on
  • Hello, ~love the two calaveras decks i ordered. thanks! -Please make more calaveras coins. i’d like to order 1/2 dz. for myself. will order oracle mdse. tomorrow or saturday…thanks again!

    michael malone on
  • Received my lovely assortment and have been receiving lots of compliments….sending business your way!

    Tarahoodle on
  • Hi Chris,

    I can’t wait until the Oracles are finished. Glad I got some. Is it still possible to order some of the add-ons? I’d like to get some extra decks, coins and Limited Edition Deluxe Bicycle packages.

    Marc DeSouza on

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