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Arcana Full Tarot Sets

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Back when I first launched the Arcana project in 2015, it was intended to be a poker deck that was inspired by tarot art and had a few tarot cards as the jokers and extras. I quickly decided that the response warranted me developing a full tarot in the style of artwork that I was using. I figured out how to do that with a separate run of the Major Arcana cards as a separate printing which I termed the "Expansion" cards. It worked out well, but one thing I wasn't really able to do during the project was have a single tarot deck that had all the cards in a single fitting tuck case. It was something I wanted to do, but wasn't able to get to during the campaign.

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm releasing just that. An all new edition of Arcana where all the cards are housed within one tuck and not split up across two decks. I worked with The Expert Playing Card Company on a custom tuck and for printing the cards. 

The 2nd Edition Arcana Cards

The printing is exquisite, and that goes for the tuck and the cards:

Great printing on the cards by Expert Playing Card Company

It's been 3 years in the making, but it's my sincere joy to make the full Arcana Tarot Playing Cards available on Dead on Paper. Here's a link to check them out:



Chris Ovdiyenko

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Illustrated Guide to Arcana

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This past week I got a great surprise - the Illustrated Guide to Arcana came in from the publisher about a week ahead of  time. I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. The premium leatherette cover feels really nice in the hand, and the printing is crazy sharp and has a crispness that shows off the illustrations even better than the cards:

Can't wait to get these out to folks. This is the first book Dead On Paper has published, but I don't think it'll be the last ;)


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Arcana Tarot Expansion Card Art

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The Major Arcana tarot cards are some of the richest imagery in the tarot. I've been hard at work on artwork for the expansion cards, here's a look at some of them. 

Here's a peek at a card in progress too:

Stay tuned, more art and news is coming!


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