New logo, new doings...

Posted by Chris Ovdiyenko on

So here's the new DoP logo:

I created this because I wanted a logo that fit the name of our little company better and this one makes a pretty strong visual to go along with the Catch-22 story the name came from. Doc Daneeka has his day ;)

In other news, Volstead is on hold for a bit. Still love the project, but I was having some serious artist's block with the card back and decided to let the creative process take it's course and move on to other projects in the meantime. So, thanks to everyone who encouraged the art, it will happen, but not until 2015.  

Instead, I'm working to make good on my promise to make a "midnight" version of Calaveras. Artwork is almost finalized and I'm excited to get that rolling. It will only be released here on DoP – no KS planned for it as of now. I'm also going to be releasing a slew of new prints with a DotD theme, but they will be entire scenes. It's something I had wanted to do during Calaveras but quickly got inundated with work to get the cards finalized and then to get the art finalized for Oracle. So for me this is getting back to what got me started. It'll be an interesting experiment as I'll run the Calaveras prints as a KS, hopefully by Oct. 1st. 

After that, I have already gotten a great start on my next card project. Can't give away too much, but it's themed around tarot. Seriously, it's killing me not to tease you with some of the art, but on the advice of my Samoan legal council I need to keep it close to the vest for a bit...


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  • will you be replenishing the bronze oracle YES NO coins?

    Ruom on
  • Just got the Oracle deck. Amazed at the amount of detail you have put into that deck. Its one pack of cards that I enjoy opening. Seeing the foil work all through even the inside of the deck makes you feel as if your opening up something of top quality and even almost mystic. Its a joy! I have come up with several tricks using the extra cards. People are always amazed when I bring this deck out. Makes it easy to preform with as people are quite captivated by the rich look
    and the taboo nature of the artwork. Thanks for making such a great work of art. I will be purchasing more items in the near future from Dead On Paper!

    Amptrooper on
  • i hope you’ll do an update for us Oracle Backers when your tarot project is ready to go live.

    Eli Ross on
  • AMAZING and I can hardly wait to see your next projects (Especially DotD).
    Your talent is intense – Keep it up!

    Jc on

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