Oracle Shadow Edition SOLD OUT!

Posted by Chris Ovdiyenko on

Wow! We sold out in just over 24 hours!

That seriously topped my expectations completely. I had thought they might sell out in a month or so, definitely never thought they would go so quickly! We're fulfilling the orders as quickly as possible and making good progress already.

Also, a bunch of you have asked when the Arcana cards will be available on the site. We had planned on making them available in late August, but it took a bit longer than we expected to get them in. Our focus now that they're here is to ship out all the KS backers before making them available on deadonpaper. Arcana was the biggest project I've run to date so we're working hard to get the project backers their rewards. Long/short, I expect to have them up in about three weeks time, but it will depend on how far we get shipping the KS backers. 

Thanks again everyone, appreciate it!



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  • will the Arcana Hardbound Illustrated Book ever be available for purchase? I just found your project, and therefor not able to pledge, but would really like to buy a copy if possible.

    ght on
  • will you be replenishing the bronze oracle YES NO coins?

    Ruom on

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