Oracle Playing Cards Released on Kickstarter!

Posted by Adria Ovdiyenko on

This has been an exciting week for us here at Dead on Paper! On Kickstarter Chris released our Oracle playing card deck, with artwork based on the Spiritualist movement:

I recently read "In the Shadow of Blackbirds" by Cat Winters and I was excitedly telling Chris all about the story. I've read many books about Spiritualists, the most notable being Dan Aykroyd's book, "A History of Ghosts". It is the most notable because if you didn't know this already, Aykroyd's family involvement in the Spiritualist movement was the inspiration for the film, Ghostbusters. As we all know, life would be a much dimmer place without Ghostbusters!

I have to admit, if you haven't deducted this yourself, I am one of those "every day is Halloween" kind of people. It is pretty safe to say I am taking Chris to the dark side with me with the Oracle playing card deck. It can be difficult to do horror without the cheese. Don't get me wrong, the cheese is great sometimes (think Troma-classic) but for this deck, we wanted spooky without octopus tentacles or hockey masks. I think Chris has really pulled off the ghostly feel in this deck with his subtle, yet creepy card concoctions, based around talking boards, automatic writing, spirit photography, seances & ectoplasm: 



We're offering T-shirts, coins, and stickers as add-ons, and of course Chris will be pulling prints for this deck of playing cards too. The prints for Calaveras are amazingly beautiful, and the Oracle prints will be too.

We've had a very strong start on Kickstarter thanks to you—our wonderful supporters. We can't say thank you enough! We hope you also enjoy Oracle and will add it to your collection of playing cards. If you haven't seen the project yet, please take a look. Also, remember to like us on Facebook. We have a really nice community of followers and we love talking to you all.

Thank you,


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  • Oracle Cards

    Will you be printing more and when? How much will they cost?

    Yvette on
  • I would love to purchase these asap

    Thephone is 2146046645 thanks

    Thunder Walker on
  • Hi Francisco! The Oracle decks will be available on Dead On Paper starting in March. We are excited!

    Adria Ovdiyenko on

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