Arcana Tarot Playing Cards

Posted by Chris Ovdiyenko on

Now that we've finished up the first shipping from our Kickstarter campaign, We're proud to make Arcana Tarot Playing Cards available to the public. It's been a marathon shipping - 3200+ packages, 1000 international shipments, 2 months and finally we're done. We've put up the cards and coins with more items being added. 

Review the Arcana Collection here.

Now that we've gotten this shipment out, the fun work of creating all the expansion cards can get underway in earnest!

Arcana Tarot

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  • I would like to order a complete playing card tarot deck…
    Minor plus major……and one question I have is how do you add the page court card to the deck….and I’m not sure if you know much about the visconti-sforza deck mid 15th century Italy……please RSVP thanks again……

    Jeremy on
  • Hi Ari,
    The Expansion decks will be available on Dead on Paper once our Kickstarter backers are shipped. We are estimating late Spring/early Summer 2016!

    Adria on
  • Absolutely love the Arcana Playing Cards from what I’ve seen of them; ordered a deck earlier since I never knew of the kickstarter.

    I was wondering though, will the expansion deck be available to the public as well, or is that only for the backers on kickstarter?

    Ari on

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