Oracle Shadow Edition SOLD OUT!

Posted by Chris Ovdiyenko on

Wow! We sold out in just over 24 hours!

That seriously topped my expectations completely. I had thought they might sell out in a month or so, definitely never thought they would go so quickly! We're fulfilling the orders as quickly as possible and making good progress already.

Also, a bunch of you have asked when the Arcana cards will be available on the site. We had planned on making them available in late August, but it took a bit longer than we expected to get them in. Our focus now that they're here is to ship out all the KS backers before making them available on deadonpaper. Arcana was the biggest project I've run to date so we're working hard to get the project backers their rewards. Long/short, I expect to have them up in about three weeks time, but it will depend on how far we get shipping the KS backers. 

Thanks again everyone, appreciate it!



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New logo, new doings...

Posted by Chris Ovdiyenko on

So here's the new DoP logo:

I created this because I wanted a logo that fit the name of our little company better and this one makes a pretty strong visual to go along with the Catch-22 story the name came from. Doc Daneeka has his day ;)

In other news, Volstead is on hold for a bit. Still love the project, but I was having some serious artist's block with the card back and decided to let the creative process take it's course and move on to other projects in the meantime. So, thanks to everyone who encouraged the art, it will happen, but not until 2015.  

Instead, I'm working to make good on my promise to make a "midnight" version of Calaveras. Artwork is almost finalized and I'm excited to get that rolling. It will only be released here on DoP – no KS planned for it as of now. I'm also going to be releasing a slew of new prints with a DotD theme, but they will be entire scenes. It's something I had wanted to do during Calaveras but quickly got inundated with work to get the cards finalized and then to get the art finalized for Oracle. So for me this is getting back to what got me started. It'll be an interesting experiment as I'll run the Calaveras prints as a KS, hopefully by Oct. 1st. 

After that, I have already gotten a great start on my next card project. Can't give away too much, but it's themed around tarot. Seriously, it's killing me not to tease you with some of the art, but on the advice of my Samoan legal council I need to keep it close to the vest for a bit...

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Coming Soon-Oracle Playing Cards

Posted by Chris Ovdiyenko on

As some of you already know, Oracle playing card goodies are coming soon to the Dead on Paper website for purchase. We are hoping to have everything up by April.

Packages have been arriving here at the Ovdiyenko homestead recently on a fairly regular basis. Every time something comes in I find myself doing a happy dance-a dance that probably looks like a heinous mix of the pee pee dance and the Macarena-alas, John Travolta I am not. The most embarrassing of all dances I have found myself engaged in (and I am happy to report that only my cats were home to witness it) occurred after I opened the carton filled with these beauties:

These planchettes are part of the Oracle Bicycle Limited Edition package. Only 1000 will ever be made available. Our Kickstarter backers (thank you, my friends!) have already ordered over half of them, and the other half will be available on Dead on Paper.

Another much anticipated arrival is the Oracle coins. The detail on these babies is drool worthy! Chris has been asking his coin questions and it seems to be fairly accurate. The other day I heard him asking his coin, "Am I lame?" Thankfully, unless you say the answer out loud, no one else will know what the coin determines is true. Is he lame? Only the coin knows for sure:

The Oracle stickers are amazing and will look awesome on the back of my Mini Cooper. That is, if it ever stops snowing so I can stick them on!

Our friends at T-shirt Express (local to Mt. Vernon, Ohio) outdid themselves yet again with these badass Oracle T-shirts. They will be available on the DOP website in Men's sizes S, M, L & XL:

We are absolutely thrilled to be receiving such lovely packages lately and even more thrilled to get these up on the site for all to enjoy. There is more to come-Chris is pulling prints as we speak and the cards should arrive from USPCC shortly. I can't wait to hold the cards in my hands. They are printed with metallic inks, the tuck cases feature metallic foils and inks, and the card designs themselves are so ornate. There are more pictures to come soon so please stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Calaveras Shipping-YAY!

Posted by Adria Ovdiyenko on

Hello all you awesome Calaveras supporters! You may have noticed that the Calaveras merch is no longer listed as pre-order on the site. We are shipping daily now thankfully. It's been super busy here at headquarters and nothing makes us happier than being able to get cards and other goodies to our customers right away.

I am updating the site as I find time with new and improved pics, as well as taking the pre-order label off all the listings. I may have missed a few to date, but know that anything available for order will ship out ASAP.


The lowdown:

We received the Calaveras cards from USPCC right before Thanksgiving. I immediately started unwrapping the decks while Chris got busy numbering them all. We spent many nights on this process and found out that Chris has some sort of number dyslexia? Does that exist? Well, I believe it does because I have seen it. Oh, have I seen it. All's well that ends well though and once we realized that Chris can't talk and number at the same time, we shut up, set iTunes to shuffle, and got through those boxes like a couple of bosses. I only stabbed myself a few times. Okay, more than a few. But who's counting?

After that, we made history (IMO) with shipping. We worked relentlessly to get those decks, prints, stickers, coins, and shirts into the mailman's hands. Our mail carrier is awesome by the way. Here's a shout out to Dave, who rocked that mail truck so hard. So freakin hard. He's getting a nice Christmas bonus every year of his life. And I should probably throw in some cookies too. He's THAT good.

So what's next for these here Day of Dead and well, just dead, fanatics? We are thrilled to announce that Oracle Playing Cards will be available on our site in March-woot woot! If you haven't seen the Oracle cards yet, please take a look. They are gorgeous! I keep patting Chris on the back for designing these. I think he is getting a little sore actually but I can't help myself. 


Bicycle Branded Oracle Playing Cards with mini Oracle board and planchette package:



Oracle Coin:



Oracle T-shirt:





That's it for tonight, friends. We will have some exciting announcements coming up in the near future. Nope, I cannot divulge them yet but I am DYING to! Chris is being a party pooper unfortunately. BUT, for now, thank you for reading our blog and for supporting us!




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Oracle Project closes on Kickstarter!

Posted by Chris Ovdiyenko on

Originally, I had the idea for Oracle and I expected it to be kind of a smaller project. Wow, was I wrong! Folks backed Oracle in a big way, bringing up a final funding level that came close to Calaveras. My expectations were way off, and I've never been happier to be wrong!

The thing that I was most pleasantly surprised about was how much of a community grew up around the project. I had folks messaging me and leaving comments, offering suggestions, and words of encouragement. You know, it's always a little scary putting something you create out there in the public sphere - you never can tell how it's going to be received. All my personal fears and doubts evaporated when I started seeing how much my work meant to people, and that's absolutely priceless.

My biggest lesson from this project (aside from never running a project for only 30 days), was that life is about so much more than just money. You might think that's easy to say after 2 successful projects, but it's really true. Money comes and goes, but relationships with a community that appreciates your work transcends dollars and cents. The dialogue I had with my backers means more than anything to me, and I realized just how important it is to keep the vision of a project unclouded by short term gain.

For Oracle, I'm giving a lot back to the community, probably more than they might realize—and that's exactly the way the way I think it should be.

Well enough ramblings for one night, hope some of this rings true for you if you're reading it.



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